A damaged cell phone is more common than you might think, especially if you’ve never really had one that was damaged. But over half of cell phone users report having had a cracked cell phone screen at some point, and almost half of cell phone users have had irreparable damage due to water. Unfortunately, damaged phones are more common than you might think.

When you consider those numbers, that’s a lot of people who have had to ask themselves if they should repair or replace their phone. So, which is it? Repair? Replace? That depends on a few factors that we’ll explore below.

Consider The Cost Of Repair vs. Replace

The top priority of the decision here is in the cost. Not everyone can afford to buy a new phone, even with the trade-in potential. Always consider your personal financial situation before making a decision.

Fortunately, most phone repairs aren’t going to put a hole in your wallet. The most common repair for cell phones involves cracked screens. These repairs will commonly go for $99 to $250 for expensive replacements. Still, this doesn’t really come close to the price tag of a new cell phone. Is it really worth shelling out over $800 for a new cell phone just because your current one has a cracked screen?

Should I Repair Or Replace My Phone?

Extent Of The Damage

As it was just mentioned, damage to a screen will usually not rate very high on the severity of the damage. Most screen damage will still result in a fully functioning phone, which is a plus. Serious damage, though, may affect the touch functionality and could require more expensive repairs. Regardless, the cost to repair even an expensive screen repair is cheaper than buying a brand new phone.

Other damage is usually in the other hardware, particularly inputs. For example, using a third party charging device could end up causing damage to your phone. These “off brand” chargers are typically made with much cheaper and lower quality parts. Not only can this cause damage to your phone, but it can also void any warranty you may have for the phone.

Is The Phone Damage Covered By Warranty?

Speaking of warranties, does your phone have one? In fact, most new phones come with a limited warranty. There are many restrictions in the fine print, so if you ever plan to actually use the warranty then reading the terms and conditions is important.

For example, we previously mentioned that using unofficial products like third party chargers can actually void any warranty. Especially when it comes to iPhones, conducting your own repairs will void the warranty, too. While it may not seem like it is noticeable, phone companies will be able to tell if the phone had improper repairs.

How Long The Repair Will Take

Time is of the essence. Time is money! Maybe not exactly like that, but your time is a vital resource. Even if you have a warranty repair, it could take days before you get your phone back. If you use your phone for business purposes, you will probably find that to be unacceptable.

If you don’t have a nearby store that can handle warranty repairs, you’ll have to mail your phone in. This will probably take even longer, upwards of a couple of weeks. You have to consider the time the phone spends in the mail and the times that it takes to repair it. When you think about it, taking your cell phone to a professional phone repair shop like Oasis Savvy is a lot faster.

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