Oasis Savvy is all about a story of Lam’s brothers who have been in the wireless repair industry since 2011. With more than 6 years experience in the field, the guys are more eager not just about the phone repair but the advanced technology. Lam’s brothers started Oasis Savvy, specialize in the cell phone repair but not limited to the other kinds of digital devices like tablets or computers.

Graduated from The University of Texas, Arlington and worked on various projects, the guys also have expertise in social media marketing and web design in which they aimed to assist other small businesses to achieve the success like they did for their own store. Oasis Savvy, therefore, is considered a technology based company rather than a wireless repair based company.

Oasis Savvy Tablet and Phone Repair Specialist

Top Rated Local Repair Shop for Phones & Tablets

At Oasis Savvy, Lam’s brothers and their crew with high skilled technicians guarantee to provide the high quality work that would satisfy their customers. However, the mission is not just a commitment to bringing the best solutions at a best deal, but also to walking their customers through the best customer service experience when they visit Oasis Savvy. The goal is to make customers remember and appreciate the crew’s work and refer the crew to their friends and family. Their belief is “You are happy, we are happy. You succeed, we succeed.”