2001, 2021

iPhone Brightness Issue

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iPhone Brightness Issue You probably can solve the brightness issue on your iPhone. Let’s try! It might cost no money to fix it! We want to talk about this topic because you might experience a brightness issue on your iPhone screen. It’s still darker even you set a full brightness. What causes this problem? Which solutions we might have? Can we solve it by ourselves? Based [...]

1901, 2021

Local Cell Phone Repair

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Local Cell Phone Repair Oasis Savvy - Your Local Cell Phone Repair Store - Best Service - High Quality Your local cell phone repair, why not? In a technological and interconnected era like ours, owning a smartphone, and also other electronic devices such as computers and tablets, has become essential. It helps us stay in touch with the world and get informed on all the [...]

1201, 2021

Cheap Phone Repair

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HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY TO HAVE MY PHONE REPAIRED? Today, we want to write about the cost to repair the phone. You own a phone and one day, it is accidentally broken. You come to a repair store and might be surprised when the technician tells you the cost to repair your phone. It may be affordable, but it may be expensive…you think! Where [...]

501, 2021

Phone Repair in Keller

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Fоr thе mоnеу уоu іnvеѕt іn buying a cell phone, there іѕ nо rеаѕоn why you shouldn’t fіnd a professional tесhnісіаn nearby tо tаlk tо and hаvе іt fіxеd whеn іt’ѕ is broken.  Bе it cracked, water – dаmаgеd оr ѕіmрlу оff fоr nо reason and nо mаttеr thе brand, dо you know thаt thеrе is a chance tо bring уоur mоbіlе bасk tо life? [...]

101, 2021

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

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iPhone 6 screen replacement, we really can do it by ourselves. Why visit Oasis Savvy for iPhone 6 Replacement At Oasis Savvy, our technicians helped many clients replace their iPhone 6 screens. Obviously, broken screen is probably the most common repair at our store as well as other cell phone repair store. Even though iPhone users protected their phone with high quality cases and [...]

112, 2020

Replace Phone Battery, When?

By |December 1, 2020|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

IS IT THE RIGHT TIME TO REPLACE YOUR PHONE BATTERY? The battery contributes to how well a smart phone performs. Technically people do not really realize that they need to have their phone battery replaced until its cycle runs out significantly. However, you probably want to replace change it if you notice the warning signs below: 1) Your phone shuts down randomly! One day, when [...]

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