25 04, 2022

5 Signs Of A Bad Cell Phone Battery

By |2022-04-27T02:26:03-05:00April 25, 2022|

Cell phones have come a really long way from the massive brick phone that was the size of a small briefcase. The technology for cellular devices has improved a lot and in a relatively short amount of time. Still, cell phones aren’t invulnerable to their own problems. One of the most important parts of a smartphone is the battery, and yet issues with the battery are one of the most common with smartphones. Nothing in the phone will function without a source of power. There are some warning signs to a cell phone battery that is having issues. They tend to degrade over time and very rarely stop working without notice. Here are some of the most common causes [...]

18 04, 2022

The Most And Least Reliable Smartphone Brands In 2022

By |2022-04-26T22:48:39-05:00April 18, 2022|

Compared to the year 2000, there are a lot more options available when it comes to buying a smartphone. While you may just think of the most popular, well-known brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, and others, there are actually dozens of brands across the world. As your options increase, so do your questions. When looking at purchasing a new smartphone, a common question is whether or not a particular brand is reliable. After all, no one wants to buy a phone that has a history of frequently breaking. Most Common Smartphone Repair Requests It’s important to know that all smartphones are susceptible to damage and the need for repairs. Sometimes when it comes to judging reliability you actually look [...]

11 04, 2022

How Long Will A Phone With A Cracked Screen Last?

By |2022-04-26T23:27:02-05:00April 11, 2022|

So, your phone has a cracked screen and you're wondering if it's working completely, if it's going to keep working, and are you going to have to repair your Iphone, Samsung or LG cellular device or simply replace the screen. Depending on the size of the crack, location, and the extensive damage to the cell phones components on the inside, you may or may not need a phone repair. Deciding to have the phone replaced on the other hand is less likely and typically only worth it in extreme circumstances. We hope to help you make the right decision on what to do about your phone with a cracked screen based on the different potential problems you might be [...]

4 04, 2022

Should I Repair Or Replace My Phone?

By |2022-04-14T03:16:26-05:00April 4, 2022|

A damaged cell phone is more common than you might think, especially if you’ve never really had one that was damaged. But over half of cell phone users report having had a cracked cell phone screen at some point, and almost half of cell phone users have had irreparable damage due to water. Unfortunately, damaged phones are more common than you might think. When you consider those numbers, that’s a lot of people who have had to ask themselves if they should repair or replace their phone. So, which is it? Repair? Replace? That depends on a few factors that we’ll explore below. Consider The Cost Of Repair vs. Replace The top priority of the [...]

28 03, 2022

Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace A Phone In 2022?

By |2022-04-14T01:35:58-05:00March 28, 2022|

Everyone has their own personal financial situation, and when there is something wrong with the cell phone there is a pressing question: should I repair my phone, or just replace it? This can be a small or big financial decision. There are many factors to consider, including your current situation and needs. In 2022, the smartphone is arguably the most important piece of technology involved in our everyday lives. When it breaks or isn’t functioning properly, it can go far beyond not being able to access your social media. Let’s look at how to decide if you should repair or replace your phone. Cost To Repair vs. Cost to Replace When thinking about repairing or [...]

21 03, 2022

Can a Badly Damaged iPhone Be Fixed?

By |2022-04-13T12:22:26-05:00March 21, 2022|

Your iPhone has been badly damaged and now you're wondering if an iPhone repair shop can fix your broken iPhone or whether you're going to have to buy a replacement phone. Apple stores tend to have long lines, be spread far apart, and charge exorbitant prices to fix your iPhone while only offering limited repairs as is to your phone. We Fix Broken iPhones At Oasis Savvy, our iPhone repair technicians provide iPhone repair services for an extensive list of issues. If you need your iPhone repaired fast and you want to be able to drop it off or mail it in to be fixed at your convenience, then Oasis Savvy is the right repair shop for [...]

14 03, 2022

Should You Repair or Replace Your Cracked iPhone Screen?

By |2022-04-12T18:00:31-05:00March 14, 2022|

It’s disheartening, even frustrating to see that nasty crack on your iPhone screen. This is especially true if you have a fairly new iPhone that you just spent $1,000 or more on. Some cracks are, for the most part, cosmetic. They look ugly and yes, they will lower the value of your phone. These cracks may not have much of an effect on the functionality on the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less frustrating. More severe cracks can affect the functionality of your iPhone which is, of course, a more serious issue than something cosmetic. If the crack is bad enough it could also render the iPhone unusable. Whether you use your phone a lot for social [...]

7 03, 2022

How To Fix “Ghost Touching” In Smartphones

By |2022-04-12T17:56:42-05:00March 7, 2022|

Ghost touching is a strange phenomenon that happens with smartphones that have touch screens. When it does happen, it can be very frustrating to use your phone. Many people don’t even know the term for it, much less how to fix it. Luckily, there are some pretty simple solutions to fix minor ghost touching. What Is A “Ghost Touch”? First, it’s important to understand what a ghost touch is. In case you were worried: no, the ghost touching phenomenon in smartphones is not caused by a ghost or other supernatural entity using your phone. It is, however, kind of what it looks like when it happens. Ghost touching is when the touch screen appears to move around, do [...]

28 02, 2022

What Are OEM Phone Parts And Are They Worth It

By |2022-04-12T04:19:07-05:00February 28, 2022|

In every manufacturing industry, OEM is a term that is used a lot when it comes to individual parts. The cell phone, tablet, and generally any mobile device industry is no different. But to the less tech savvy, what is OEM? Are these poor quality parts or just replacement parts? Many people are often unsure of OEM parts and whether they’re worth it. When you need replacement parts to prolong the life of your smartphone, there are actually quite a few types that can pop up in your search. This can be confusing and even frustrating if you aren’t knowledgeable about the terms. You’ll find that replacement parts come as OEM, aftermarket, and refurbished. Before heading to your local [...]

21 02, 2022

How Is My Data Protected At Oasis Savvy?

By |2022-02-21T05:57:35-05:00February 21, 2022|

Data protection can often be overlooked when taking your cell phone to your phone repair shop. Whether it’s blind trust or just an oversight, protecting the data on your smartphone or tablet is very important. Knowing how to protect your data and backup your data is very important for both your privacy and security. All Data Is Valuable To Someone Even if you don’t think your data is valuable, it is to someone. Many companies utilize data and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Data that is collected is used for a lot of things like advertising and user experience. But not everyone has good or even neutral intentions for your data. Data can be easily sold for a [...]


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