For a lot of people, their phone is an extension of themselves. You could be an on the go, time is money entrepreneur with your entire schedule in the calendar of your phone or a stay at home mom with three kids that all have different practices at different times. No matter what you use it for, your phone keeps you on track and in the know.

When you suddenly find yourself with a cracked screen it can be a heart dropping moment. But luckily, there are more options now than ever before when it comes to repairs. Knowing what company to pick for reliable repairs that are cost effective is a little harder.

Best Screen Repair And Replacements For Phones In Keller

Finding A Service That Fits Your Schedule

When first looking for a phone repair service in Keller, availability is sometimes the hardest thing to find. Business hours can be tough for someone who works full time or simply has a busy schedule. A good repair service will keep this in mind and usually have slightly longer hours than the typical 9 to 5. They will also strive to be open at least one day during the weekend to help accommodate those that can’t seem to find time during the week.


With abundant access to the internet, it is extremely hard to provide a shabby service without word getting out. When on the hunt for a repair service, always double check the reviews. A reliable service will have high reviews but never perfect ones. A bad review here or there is inevitable for any company, but consistently happy customers are hard to fake.

Customer Service

Whether you call in with questions or show up in person, customer service is key for the repair industry. Knowledgeable responses with follow up questions should be abundant with any reliable repair technician. A broken screen is pretty cut and dry, but the phone may have underlying issues that come from the screen being broken. There is no use in getting a replacement for the glass if the technology underneath needs to be replaced. Any technician worth your time will make sure to be very thorough even with a repair that seems straightforward.

Quotes to Execution

If your heart is set on shopping around for the best price, a free quote with a pricing guarantee shouldn’t be hard to find. High quality repair work comes from companies that have confidence in their abilities. Once you have agreed upon a price and have handed over your phone, communication is key. A reliable company will have a timeframe for repair for you at the start and keep you informed of any changes as soon as they arise. Technicians can usually tell pretty quickly if a simple repair will turn into a more complicated one and reach out to you before continuing the service.

Oasis Savvy – Keller Repair Experts

Screen repair is one of the most common repairs needed for phones. But knowing what to look for to guarantee a working phone at the end of the day isn’t always that simple. Here at Oasis Savvy, we pride ourselves on communication and customer service. We take the time to walk you through what a repair entails and do whatever it takes to not only have a satisfied customer but one that walks away with more than just a fixed phone. An enjoyable and cost effective experience. We would be more than happy to serve you.