Today, we want to write about the cost to repair the phone. You own a phone and one day, it is accidentally broken. You come to a repair store and might be surprised when the technician tells you the cost to repair your phone. It may be affordable, but it may be expensive…you think! Where to find a cheap phone repair store? Does cheap mean really “cheap”?

So, what creates the cost of a specific phone repair service? Do we actually overcharge you or provide a cheap phone repair?

The cost to repair your phone include the labor and the part. How do we determine the cost of labor and the cost of part?

Cost of parts

The cost to repair your phone include the labor and the part. How do we determine the cost of labor and the cost of part?

The cost of part is how much we pay to buy the part from our suppliers. Depending on the quality of the part and the relationship between the repair store and the suppliers, it might be cheap or expensive.

Normally, a trustworthy repair store would find trustworthy suppliers, test the parts and buy the part with high quality at reasonable price. We do not want to piss off our client just due to the cheap and low quality part.

The cost of the part of different phone models will significantly vary. You might notice that part of Android device will be way more expensive than the one of Apple device. Also, part of an Apple phone model is costlier than part of another Apple phone model.

The difference might vary from few dollars to more than a hundred dollars. Sometimes, the cost of the parts really depends on how availability they are, plus the shipping fees. These factors would add up the cost of the part.

Cost of labor

The second cost is the labor. The labor cost varies based on the difficulty of the work, the risk to fail, and the average time to get the job done. The time to repair a phone with different problem will vary from 20 minutes to 5 hours. You can see two similar devices in appearance, but the way to repair these two may be way different.

For example, the difficulty of fixing the LCD of iPad 4 is moderate and the time to get it done is about 30 minutes. However, for iPad 4 with GSM, the job would be more complicated and it takes about 3 hours to complete the job.

You might see a similarity in iPhone and iPod touch, but it takes 3-4 hours to replace the battery for iPod touch while about 20 minutes for iPhone (depending on the model). For these reasons, we normally charge more than $70 for a complex work.

So…the cost to repair a phone could be as cheap as tens dollars, but could be as costly as hundreds dollars.

Sometimes, you might want to use the service from the official brands rather than a third party repair because your device might be under their warranty or they may offer a better price to fix your device.

Services at Oasis Savvy?

At Oasis Savvy, we put all effort to make our customers satisfied with our services. We try to match the cost to fix your device to the market price, even lower. As a local repair store where you can reach us at your convenience, we want to build a firm relationship with our customers. We commit to offer a high quality service at a reasonable and affordable price. That’s why people consider us a cheap phone repair but high quality services.

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