In this age of wanting our technology to work perfectly on every occasion, chances are you’ve been irritated with your iPhone this year when it didn’t seem to be functioning the way you thought it should. While you might never stray from your iPhone- loving ways, that doesn’t mean you have to pretend as though your iPhone has never given you any issues.

This past year or so has shown us that while Apple has made some great enhancements to their iPhones, the product still has some downfalls that users are prone to complain about from time to time. A few of the most common issues users have experienced this year are:

  • Battery that drains too quickly
  • WiFi connection that comes and goes or isn’t stable
  • iPhone’s tendency to overheat

Of course we all have bigger issues than our iPhones acting up, but when they do it’s sure to cause irritation!

Fast Draining Battery

Few things are as frustrating as when you need to look up a specific piece of information or take a photo at just the right moment and then WHAM! Your phone dies. Over the years, iPhones have been known to have a battery life that just diminishes with time. Yes, some of that can be attributed to extensive use, wear and tear and just the general aging of a technological device. However, some iPhone users believe that their iPhone battery should be able to withstand hours on end of life and for good reason. On a full charge, an iPhone battery should last anywhere from 10-15 hours if the battery is still in good condition.

Common iPhone Issues in 2022

Poor Or No WiFi Connection

At some point, your phone will have trouble connecting to or staying connected to WiFi. It’s just part of the deal when we depend on internet access for our phones to run as fast as we’d like them to. Dealing with connection problems can cause quite a hassle, especially if you are dependent on WiFi for using iMessages, communicating or working via apps or are located in an area of the country where cell phone towers just don’t reach quite far enough yet to provide foolproof cellular service. Simply restarting your phone is a great place to start if you’re struggling with low or no connectivity.

iPhone Overheating

Anyone who has ever left their iPhone on the dash or seat of their car on a hot day only to return and find it burning to the touch has probably fretted over the damage that much heat exposure could have on your phone. However, a lot of iPhone users have complained the last several months of experiencing their phone overheating just in the course of day to day use. There could be a few reasons for this.

If you’re a phone junkie and you can’t get enough of your messages, TikToks and notifications, even while it’s on the charging cord, you are likely adding to the problem. However, it’s also a known fact that unless you close out of your apps manually, they will virtually all be running in the background on your phone, sucking your battery and even causing your iPhone to overheat. A faulty battery is also a common culprit, but thankfully can be changed out to a new battery that should solve your overheating issues.

Cell Phone Repair For Top iPhone Models

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