Knowing your phone is about to drop is never a good feeling, and it’s made worse by realizing that it’s going to crash straight onto a hard surface. Screen damage can come in many different forms, and depending on the type your phone has suffered, the repair options may differ. Some repairs are surface level and relatively simple, and some repairs require technicians to get to the problem internally to look for a solution. Your smartphone screen might appear to be too far gone, but with a good smartphone repair shop on the job, you’ll have a screen that looks as good as new in no time!

Here are 5 types of smartphone screen damage:

  • Cracks
  • Scratches
  • Shattered screen
  • LCD damage
  • Water damage


Cracks are one of the easier types of damage to fix when it comes to a messed up smartphone screen. They usually form on the screen after your phone is dropped or sustains some form of impact. You can attempt to DIY fix a cracked screen using a screen repair kit equipped with the necessary tools and pieces to repair your smartphone screen, but the risk is that you’ll get too far into the process and realize that you need a professional to complete the job well.


Scratches show up on your phone for a variety of reasons. If you leave your phone in your purse or a bag near keys, pens, coins and other objects that make marks, your screen is likely to collect a few scratches of its own. Scratches are sometimes unnoticeable, but if your screen takes on enough of them, it quickly becomes an irritating characteristic to look past when you want to use your phone. If you don’t already have a screen protector on your phone, you can apply one to help disguise the scratches and prevent new ones from appearing.

Different Types Of Smartphone Screen Damage

Shattered Screen

Without a screen protector, your phone may end up with a spider web appearance of shattered glass. Even if you do have a screen protector, if the phone falls far or hard enough onto a hard surface, it is still likely that the screen protector itself, and possibly the screen too may still shatter.

When a mishap like this occurs you should find a professional repair shop to handle the repair. Attempting a DIY fix to a shattered screen might only result in causing further damage that can’t be repaired.

LCD Damage

LCD screen damage can show itself in various ways, including dead pixels, vertical or horizontal lines, and discoloration. This damage occurs within your phone, rather than on the surface of the screen. It may be caused by physical impact, exposure to extreme temperatures, or simply natural wear and tear over time.

Repairing LCD damage can be a difficult and costly process, and usually requires professional help. If the damage is caused by a software issue, resetting the device or updating the firmware may help resolve the problem. It’s best to consult with a professional technician to determine the best course of action for repairing LCD damage.

Water Damage

Water damage has a severe impact on smartphone screens, causing discoloration, dead pixels, and other forms of damage. If your phone has been exposed to water, it’s important to turn it off immediately and avoid using it until it has thoroughly dried and checked by a professional technician. In some cases, if your phone was submerged for too long in water, the phone itself may not be functional any more.

Smartphone Screen Repair In Fort Worth

Phones aren’t made with built in armor, and while sturdy cases and screen protectors can prevent most damage, your smartphone screen might not be able to stand up against high forces if it gets dropped onto a hard surface. When you have a screen issue, look to Oasis Savvy in Fort Worth to assess the damage and provide a quality solution. The team at Oasis Savvy specialized in smartphone repair and will get your phone back to you quickly and in pristine condition. Call us today at 682-583-2527 for all of your screen repair needs!