Smartphones are arguably the most used, most purchased mobile device on the planet. You may even think it odd if someone doesn’t own a smartphone. Now think about the lifespan of a smartphone. Do you think it’s ten years? Maybe six years? Actually, the lifespan of most smartphones is around 2-4 years and then people tend to replace them. But is buying a new smartphone every few years the solution?

One of the common reasons to get a new smartphone is because some people just want “the next best thing”. If you can afford to get a new smartphone every few years, that’s great. But not everyone can do that. Other reasons that people buy new smartphones involve problems with the phone, and many people don’t realize how affordable it is to repair or replace old hardware to prolong the life of the phone.

Phone Slow Downs and Freezes

Over time, a phone naturally tends to slow down if the phone isn’t properly maintained. Low storage space or a poorly made app on the phone can cause it to slow down or even freeze all of the time. The hardware itself may be a lot less efficient as well. One of the ways to ensure your phone doesn’t slow down and freeze is to get rid of apps you hardly use anymore. Clearing out the phone’s cache and memory data can also be helpful.

Another common cause for slow downs and freezes is due to the battery. Over time, phone batteries will hold less charge but it can also cause the phone to slow down or be more difficult to use. Instead of buying a brand new smartphone because of the battery health, take it to your local smartphone repair shop to have the battery replaced. Having the battery replaced is far less expensive than buying a new smartphone and could provide an extra 2-3 years to the lifespan of your phone.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Problems With Smartphones

Cracked Screen

Phones are dropped and bumped numerous times everyday. The dreadful image of dropping your brand new phone and seeing the screen crack. Cracked screens are one of the most common issues to repair on smartphones. A cracked screen reduces visibility and even usability. Plus, it can be extremely frustrating.

Screen repairs are generally cheap compared to buying a new phone. Screen replacements usually come in at a fraction of the price of buying a new phone. Additionally, screen replacements and repairs can almost always be completed within a couple of hours, sometimes faster.

Water Damage

Probably less common than a cracked screen or an older battery, but still common enough, is water damage. The first scenario that comes to mind is dropping a phone into a body of water, small or large. While damage is not a guarantee by the phone being dropped into water, the longer it’s in the water the more likely it is to be damaged.

Humidity can also cause water damage with your smartphone. For example, if you leave your phone in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. Even with the fan on, the level of humidity in the bathroom skyrockets. You may not think it’s a big deal, but that humidity could potentially damage the inside of your phone. Luckily, water damage isn’t a sure end to any smartphone. If your phone has sustained damage from water, you can call Oasis Savvy – Keller Phone Repair Experts to determine if your phone is repairable to avoid buying a brand new one.

Scratches or Cracks on the Camera Lens

Along with cracked screens from being dropped or mishandled, the camera lens of a smartphone can also sustain damage. Whether it’s a scratch or a crack, this can be a significant issue for many smartphone owners. Cameras on phones have come an extremely long way and maintaining a camera lens in good repair is important. A camera lens can also be repaired at a phone repair store.

Why It Can Be Better To Repair Your Phone

For a smartphone, the world can sound like a scary, dangerous place. There are many ways that your phone can become damaged, making you think that you have to replace it. But instead, you can bring your smartphone to your local phone repair shop like Oasis Savvy where experienced technicians can get your phone working properly while potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. For your phone repair and phone part replacements in Keller, Texas, call Oasis Savvy – Keller Phone Repair Experts.