You know the moment. In what feels like slow motion, your phone goes from being held securely in your hand to diving toward the floor. All too suddenly you realize that your previously unblemished android now has a nice wave of cracks across its screen. You might be wondering if you can even see the screen and how the cracks are going to impact your phone’s functioning. So what can you do to make sure the crack doesn’t worsen, leading to potentially even more damage? 

How Come Screens Shatter So Easily

If it seems like your Android screen cracked easily, you’re not off base. Android phones tend to have large screens with slim bezels, which can make the screen more susceptible to cracking if met with impact. Many Android phones use glass screens that are thinner and less durable than other materials, which is also a leading factor of the screen’s vulnerability to cracking.

Assess The Damage

Once you realize what just happened, you need to make note of any damage that occurred to your phone. After you locate the phone, it’s important to be gentle with it when assessing the damage. Take note of:

  • The extent of the damage
  • Whether the screen is visible 
  • If the touch screen usability is impaired

If the cracks are few and far in between, you might be able to get away without any repair service, but there is a chance that there is unseen damage that can impact your phone’s functionality. If the screen is shattered beyond use, you’ll of course have to look into repair options

Cracked Android Screen

Act Quickly For Best Results

Acting quickly when your phone screen shatters is important for a few reasons. For one thing small cracks can easily turn into larger ones, making your phone more difficult (and expensive) to repair. If the crack is significant, it can impair your phone’s functionality, making it difficult to use or even causing data loss. Broken glass can also pose a safety hazard, as it can cut your fingers or even cause your phone to malfunction. 

Repair Options

Realizing your phone needs attention is the first step in deciding how and when to get some help for it. You can choose to take it to an authorized repair center or a third-party repair shop to have a professional set of eyes look at it. Another option is to attempt a DIY repair, but this is generally not recommended, as it can cause further damage to your phone and void any remaining warranty.

Avoid Future Damage

Once your screen is fixed, you undoubtedly want to stay away from future damage as much as possible. To avoid future damage after a broken screen, it’s important to invest in a protective case for your Android phone. A case can provide an extra layer of protection and help absorb shock in case of accidental drops. It’s a good idea to avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct sunlight, which can all create a potential negative effect on a damaged phone.

Android Screen Repair In Fort Worth

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