Splash! That’s the dreaded sound you hear when you realize your iPhone has just fallen or been dropped into water. You quickly recover it, but now what? How do you know if your iPhone is safe to use? 

Here are a few steps to follow in the event that your phone meets the water: 

  • Turn your iPhone off
  • Gently dry water from your phone
  • Do not use or charge your device
  • Store in a warm, dry place
  • Try to turn on your phone 

Immediately Turn Off Your Phone

After you recover from the shock of accidentally dropping or submerging your iPhone into water, the first thing you should do is immediately turn your device off. In some cases, your phone will have turned off on its own, but if it did not, simply hold the top power button and the lock button on the sides of your iPhone until you are prompted to turn the phone off.

Dry Your iPhone Gently

To dry your iPhone, use a clean, dry cloth such as a microfiber cloth that will absorb any water remaining on the outside of your phone. You don’t want to leave any visible droplets, but you also don’t want to rub your phone too hard as that could encourage water to seep even farther into the inner workings of your iPhone.

Water droplets on iphone

Do Not Use Or Charge The Device

When your phone sustains water damage it is extremely important to leave it alone until you are confident enough time has passed to allow the phone to dry thoroughly. Do not attempt to use your phone or charge it as further damage can occur if there is still moisture inside of your phone. If you try too soon to charge your iPhone, you run the risk of inflicting permanent battery damage. 

Store iPhone In A Warm, Dry Place

Once you have dried up all the water that you are able, you need to leave your phone in a safe place that will remain warm and dry. A cupboard or drawer that is far from areas where condensation is prone to forming are both good options for keeping your phone snug while it dries out. After at least 24 hours you can go back to check on your iPhone, but keep in mind that it may still need some time to dry. 

Test Your Phone For Connectivity

After the 24 hour period of waiting to see if your iPhone has dried out enough to use, you can attempt to turn it on and check for functionality. If your iPhone is slow to react or has issues connecting you to apps or the internet, you may need to visit a local repair shop to have a professional assess the damage and provide insight on the possibility of repairing the phone back to working order. 

Trustworthy iPhone Repair In Fort Worth

After your iPhone has an incident with water, it’s always a challenge to know if and when it’s safe to use the device again. You don’t want to use it too soon and risk further damage, and you don’t want to wait too long for a problem to progress beyond the point of being able to salvage your phone. Instead of playing the guessing game, take your phone to the professional team at Oasis Savvy! We’ve been repairing phones for as long as we can remember and have made it our life’s work to provide the highest quality of service to our customers to ensure complete customer satisfaction. So next time your phone takes a dive, don’t hesitate to call us at 682-583-2527 to see how we can help recover your phone!