Cell phones have come a really long way from the massive brick phone that was the size of a small briefcase. The technology for cellular devices has improved a lot and in a relatively short amount of time. Still, cell phones aren’t invulnerable to their own problems. One of the most important parts of a smartphone is the battery, and yet issues with the battery are one of the most common with smartphones. Nothing in the phone will function without a source of power.

There are some warning signs to a cell phone battery that is having issues. They tend to degrade over time and very rarely stop working without notice. Here are some of the most common causes for your cell phone battery to stop functioning properly.

Your Phone Needs An Excessive Amount Of Charging

A brand new cell phone should only need to be charged once per day or two depending on the amount of use. This is especially true for newer models of smartphones thanks to the advancement in battery technologies. If you find your cell phone needing to be charged a lot more often, this could be the sign of a degrading battery. 

Phone Won’t Turn On

This one should be pretty obvious, but we’re going to list it briefly anyway. A pretty definitive sign that your smartphone battery has a problem is if the phone won’t turn on. Before you jump to the conclusion of a bad battery, however, have the charging port looked at. It is possible that the charging port is damaged which takes away the phone’s ability to charge.

5 Signs Of A Bad Cell Phone Battery

The Phone Will Only Work While Plugged In

If your phone isn’t turning on, try turning the phone on while it’s plugged into the charger. If your phone works with it plugged in, then your battery is probably dead or on its last leg. Since the phone is turning on, you will probably only have to replace the battery instead of the entire phone. Having an experienced phone repair technician take a closer look will give you a more exact answer.

Your Phone Suddenly Turns Off Or Restarts On Its Own

Have you ever had your smartphone suddenly turn itself off or restart all on its own? We get it, it’s frustrating. If the battery simply runs out and the phone automatically shuts down, then you likely just need to charge it.

If your phone shuts down or restarts on its own rather frequently, this is an indicator of a bad battery. The sooner you get it repaired or replaced, the better. A malfunctioning battery can cause overheating issues which could eventually lead to more damage in the phone.

The Battery Swells Or Is Bulging

In some more severe cases, a really bad smartphone battery could swell. Sometimes it’s hard to notice, while in other situations it’s obvious. A severely swollen battery will have a noticeable bulge to it. One way to tell if the battery is bulging is to place your phone down on a flat surface. If your phone wobbles some or you can spin it around like a top, the battery is bulging.

If the battery is bulging, it’s important that you get the battery replaced as soon as possible. In some rare cases, a cell phone battery that has experienced this level of deterioration is at risk for exploding. This creates an obvious safety hazard, especially if you’re carrying your phone around in your pocket all of the time.

Smartphone Battery Repair And Replacement In Keller

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