Compared to the year 2000, there are a lot more options available when it comes to buying a smartphone. While you may just think of the most popular, well-known brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, and others, there are actually dozens of brands across the world. As your options increase, so do your questions. When looking at purchasing a new smartphone, a common question is whether or not a particular brand is reliable. After all, no one wants to buy a phone that has a history of frequently breaking.

Most Common Smartphone Repair Requests

It’s important to know that all smartphones are susceptible to damage and the need for repairs. Sometimes when it comes to judging reliability you actually look at the phone’s ability to be repaired. Because damage can be inevitable, you’ll want a smartphone that isn’t difficult to repair. Phones that are more difficult and complicated to repair tend to come with a higher repair bill.

There are three categories of common repairs to consider:

  1. The screen – this is probably the biggest area of concern for common repairs. The screen suffers the most, especially when smartphones are dropped. If the screen is poorly manufactured, it’s more likely to crack.
  2. Water damage – another common source of damage comes from water or other liquids. Whether a phone is dropped in it or the liquid is spilled on the phone, it can get into the insides of a phone and cause some real damage.
  3. Connection/Charging Port – using aftermarket or third party chargers are some of the leading causes for a damaged charging port. Cables made with subpar materials have a tendency to cause damage with the port.
The Most And Least Reliable Smartphone Brands In 2022

The Most Popular Smartphone Brand

You might think that Apple is the most popular smartphone brand across the world. However, this isn’t actually true if you base it on market share across the world. According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung is actually the most popular smartphone brand. As of Q4 2021, Samsung held roughly 22% of the market share for smartphones while Apple held 19%.

Popularity does not always equal reliability, though. 

The Most Reliable Smartphone Brands

When looking at overall failures from damage and the requests for repairs, Apple does rate very high for reliability. The quality of iPhones has also improved since the iPhone 6, which was one of their least reliable smartphones. Though not as popular, other reliable brands include Lenovo and LG.

The Less Reliable Smartphone Brands

As stated before, Samsung used to top the charts for failure rates in their smartphones. While the phones are popular and still innovative, they have been very prone to the need for repairs. Luckily this has drastically improved since the Samsung Galaxy 7 and 8 phones.

Other phone brands that are less reliable include Xiaomi, which isn’t as popular in the American markets but is still popular when considering the world market. Back in 2017, their brand ranked upwards of the #2 spot for the highest failure rates for smartphones. Motorola phones come in at around #3, but not nearly as bad as other phones.

A phone’s susceptibility to damage isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to consider when shopping for a new one. If you take good care of your phone and get a good phone case, just about any phone will last you for many years.

Best Smartphone and iPhone Repair in Keller

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