So, your phone has a cracked screen and you’re wondering if it’s working completely, if it’s going to keep working, and are you going to have to repair your Iphone, Samsung or LG cellular device or simply replace the screen. Depending on the size of the crack, location, and the extensive damage to the cell phones components on the inside, you may or may not need a phone repair. Deciding to have the phone replaced on the other hand is less likely and typically only worth it in extreme circumstances.

We hope to help you make the right decision on what to do about your phone with a cracked screen based on the different potential problems you might be facing with your phone.

Phone has a big crack

If your phone has a big crack on it, it probably won’t last very long or will suffer from spotty functionality at best. For example, we’ve seen many phones with a major crack that they can’t slide to open their phone, can’t select certain apps or areas on the phone, and sometimes can’t even make a simple phone call. If this is the case, it’s because your phone has likely been severely damaged and unresponsive pixels or “dead pixels”. Even if the phone is functioning properly, you’re very likely to scratch or pierce your fingers on the broken phone screen. The best solution here is typically to have your phone screen replaced.

How Long Will A Phone With A Cracked Screen Last

Phone has a small to medium crack

It’s common to see small corner scratches, of moderate scratches from a simple fall of the phone onto a hard surface. This usually occurs if the case assists in protecting the phone from a drop, just not completely so. You may still have to deal with a dead pixel at the locations of the crack. If this is the case, then your phone might be able to last awhile without the crack spreading or dealing with further complications. Some people that watch videos or are constantly texting and messaging friends may find the screen difficult to stare at for lengthy periods of time and prefer to go ahead and have the screen quickly replaced.