It’s disheartening, even frustrating to see that nasty crack on your iPhone screen. This is especially true if you have a fairly new iPhone that you just spent $1,000 or more on. Some cracks are, for the most part, cosmetic. They look ugly and yes, they will lower the value of your phone. These cracks may not have much of an effect on the functionality on the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less frustrating.

More severe cracks can affect the functionality of your iPhone which is, of course, a more serious issue than something cosmetic. If the crack is bad enough it could also render the iPhone unusable. Whether you use your phone a lot for social media or you use it for work, not being able to use your iPhone is frustrating.

So now, you’re probably asking yourself: is it worth repairing my cracked iPhone screen or should I have it replaced?

Can I Repair My iPhone Screen Myself?

There are ways that you can repair or replace your iPhone screen at home on your own. In most cases, it’s much cheaper than taking it into your local iPhone repair shop. But that’s assuming you have a very good grasp on what you’re actually doing when it comes to repairing or replacing the screen.

In many cases, a DIY iPhone screen repair or replacement will take the inexperienced person hours to complete. Even upon completion it’s possible that the quality of the repair is poor. In other cases, a DIY repair has a good chance to result in even more damage to the iPhone screen or even to the iPhone itself.

should you repair or replace your cracked iphone screen

Unless you have experience repairing iPhone screens, we don’t recommend trying to repair or replace your cracked screen on your own. There are a lot of risks, especially if you aren’t experienced with phone repair. Also, conducting your own repairs on your iPhone will likely void any warranty that you have on the phone!

Professional iPhone Screen Repair

In the long term, the most cost effective and fastest way to get your cracked iPhone screen repaired is by using professional services like Oasis Savvy. A skilled technician will be able to determine the extent of the damage to the screen. Then, a recommendation can be provided on whether you should repair or replace your screen.

You should be aware that not all professional iPhone screen repair services are protected from a warranty being voided. More often than not, suspiciously cheap repairs will likely still void your iPhone’s warranty. At Oasis Savvy, we have Apple-certified technicians so you are guaranteed to get the best repair services while maintaining your warranty status. As an added bonus to our professional repair services, 99% of our iPhone screen repairs or replacements have a same day turnaround. There is no waiting for your device or repair kit to go through the mail system.

When To Replace Your iPhone Screen

It’s always great to be able to have your iPhone screen repaired instead of replaced. A repair is often much cheaper than a full replacement. This is mostly because an iPhone screen replacement involves more than just the screen. Here are a couple of reasons you should have your cracked iPhone screen replaced:

  • The cost of materials and labor for a repair matches or exceeds the cost of a screen replacement. If the cost to replace your cracked iPhone screen is the same, or even cheaper, than a repair, then why bother with a repair?
  • A screen repair can’t fix the extent of the damage. In many cases, this is because the severity of the crack has also affected the overall functionality of the phone. 

Best iPhone Screen Repair In Keller, Texas

If you’re in Keller, Texas or the surrounding area, let the professionals at Oasis Savvy take care of your cracked iPhone screen. We’ll ensure we recommend the best service to you whether it is a repair or a replacement. We rarely have any repairs that can’t be returned to you the same day, so you can be assured you’ll get super fast service at great prices. Stop by our store today for a fast and convenient repair for your cracked iPhone screen.