The iPhone is arguably one of the most popular smartphones on the market. No matter what brand of phone you currently have in your pocket, odds are that you know someone that has an iPhone. With so many iPhones out there in the world, they are also going to be one of the most common phones needing repair. While Apple does have a warranty, it can be very limiting and is only valid for one (1) year after purchase.

Limitations of iPhone Warranty Service

When you purchase your iPhone, or any Apple product, that purchase is an automatic agreement by you, the purchaser, to abide by their warranty agreement. Even if you haven’t looked at the warranty terms and conditions, your purchase is an automatic agreement. While it is beneficial to have a warranty come with your brand new iPhone and associated parts, there are a few caveats. Understanding the warranty agreement, and what the warranty will cover and under specific circumstances, can save you time and money when needing a repair.

The first one is the length of the warranty period. Many people who purchase smartphones will have them for at least a few years. With this in mind, it’s important to know that the warranty agreement that you get at the time of purchase will only last for one (1) year. Once you have owned the iPhone for more than a year, you are outside of the warranty period. This means that you could crack your screen the day after the warranty expired and the repair will likely not be covered under the warranty agreement.

When using other products and services with your Apple device, it’s important to know how that can affect your warranty. For example, using a product like an after-market charger with your iPhone that then causes damage to your phone will not be covered under the warranty. This even includes any portable speakers or other mobile devices that you may be able to plug your iPhone into. Any damage caused will not be covered under warranty if it was not an Apple device.

Is Your iPhone Repair Covered Under Warranty

It’s also advised to not have any upgrades or modifications completed on your iPhone unless you can verify that the work is being done by a licensed technician for Apple products. If you get any work completed by someone that is not an Apple licensed technician, your warranty will be completely voided and you will have sole responsibility for all phone repairs.

User Damage and Warranty Coverage

Many people think that normal damage due to the user is covered under warranty, especially minor damage. Unfortunately, this is not the case. To make matters worse, user damage is the most common type of damage for an iPhone. To elaborate, user damage is usually caused by negligent use and not by faulty manufacturing.

A common type of user damage is water damage. From dropping the iPhone into a sink or a lake, to simply leaving the phone in the bathroom while taking a hot shower, this is not covered under the warranty because it is considered negligence by the user. Other physical and cosmetic damage is also not covered under the warranty. It is also advised to never have your iPhone in the same pocket of your keys.

iPhone Repair in Keller, Texas

All of the vital information above is very important to know when bringing in your iPhone for repair. Knowing if your repair could be covered under warranty could save you time and money. Bringing your phone in for repair only to go back and forth with Apple about the warranty is a headache for you and a waste of time.

If you need iPhone repair, then Oasis Savvy – Keller Phone Repair Experts is the perfect place to get your phone back to normal. As always with any repair, it’s highly recommended to make a backup of the data on your iPhone prior to bringing your phone in for repair. Stop by or contact us today to get started on your affordable iPhone repair.