There comes a time in almost everyone’s life where you drop your phone. In this day and age we are lucky that it’s getting harder and harder to cause permanent damage to your smart phones, but it’s not impossible. So when that fateful day comes where you look down and your screen is cracked and broken, the first thought that comes to mind is how much it’s going to cost to get it fixed.

Luckily, getting a ballpark on what the out of pocket cost is going to be for you to take the phone to get fixed is easier than ever to find. A few quick button presses and you’re well on your way. The thing you have to look for is the determining factors on your particular phone.

The range of cost for a screen repair is anywhere from $130 to $500 depending on what type of phone, screen, and total damage done. 

  • Iphone- Average between $150 and $400
  • Samsung Galaxy- Average between $100 to $500 
  • LG- Average Between $100 to $200

Narrowing down how much your particular repair is going to be may be something you can handle.

How Much Is It To Repair A Phone Screen

Is It Just The Screen That Was Damaged? 

Depending on the type of phone, a cracked screen is still usable. If you find your screen unresponsive or totally black, you might find yourself looking at the higher end of the cost range.There are layers underneath the glass that actually read your fingers and the display itself. Some repair shops can remove the undamaged insides to the screen and reuse the parts, greatly lowering your cost as you will just need the glass. 

What Repair Service Do You Choose

Finding yourself a reliable, cost effective repair shop can be time consuming. Going with a lower cost, working out of his garage repair technician could save you money right now, but may actually end up costing you more when shoddy repair work and poor attention to details force you back into one of the more pricey, but far more reputable, repair shops. 

There is always an option of going with your manufacturer for your repair and if you went with the warranty and kept it up, this could be the best option for you. Just keep in mind that the timeframe without a phone will be much larger on average than if you go with a local repair company. 

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