Upgrading to a new phone can be exciting in terms of purchasing a shiny new toy, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. For this reason and others, a lot of folks opt to have their iPhone checked out by a professional repair service before committing to purchasing a new device. There are many reasons why a person may want to upgrade their phone. Sometimes they’re just ready for a newer model, a bigger screen or a change of habit. Other times, a new iPhone is necessary for practical purposes. 

Here are 3 signs that will tell you when it’s time for a cell-phone upgrade:

  • Irreparable damage prevents it from working
  • Software updates don’t apply to your phone 
  • Speed and reaction time are slow 

Your Phone Suffered Irreparable Damage

Occasionally accidents just happen and as a result, our phones sustain damage that can’t be repaired. If your iPhone has been dropped onto a hard surface or was accidentally hit or stepped on, it could be that your phone has suffered an LCD bleed. This occurs when a force or impact causes the black liquid to leak out of your LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. The liquid stays inside your phone, but spreads gradually. In some cases this can be fixed, but you have to act quickly. 

Other damage that may cause irreparable damage to a phone can include water damage if the phone was submerged for too long or as a result of too much dirt or sand entering the port.

Your Phone Doesn’t Respond To Software Updates 

Apple regularly rolls out updates that all users should apply to their phone. Oftentimes these software updates will include things on the back end of the phone that we may never see, but that impact how well our phones function. Sometimes though, the updates will be visual, such as the latest update iOS16 that allows you to change the appearance of the time on your lock screen, among other features. 

When your phone is too old or too outdated to take on these newer updates, it’s a sign that usage likely won’t improve. If manufacturer provided software updates aren’t even compatible with your device, it’s time to consider purchasing a new one

Your Phone Has Trouble Loading

One of the main reasons that a phone will begin to load more and more slowly over time is that the apps and features you are trying to use are designed for newer models of your device. This doesn’t mean that Apple continues to roll out updates as a way to get people to keep upgrading phones. It simply means that as technology advances and as we learn more and more about what the iPhone’s capabilities are, we begin to rely on them for certain functions. Some functions that are available today aren’t going to be compatible with an iPhone 5S and that’s okay!

Affordable Phone Repair In Fort Worth

Upgrading to a new phone can be a challenge for some people, and even an emotional process as yet another change comes around that they have to get used to. However, if you’re someone who would rather hang onto your phone for as long as you can, there are great repair options out there. At Oasis Savvy, we take pride in fixing phones to our customers’ satisfaction. That means that when you bring your phone into Oasis Savvy, whether it’s going strong for another year and just needs a new screen or whether you’re sporting the latest model of iPhone, we take each job seriously and do our best work to make sure you’re confident your phone will last as long as possible. Call us today at 682-583-2527 to request a free quote for the work you need done!