iPhone 6 screen replacement, we really can do it by ourselves.

Why visit Oasis Savvy for iPhone 6 Replacement

At Oasis Savvy, our technicians helped many clients replace their iPhone 6 screens. Obviously, broken screen is probably the most common repair at our store as well as other cell phone repair store. Even though iPhone users protected their phone with high quality cases and tempered glasses, the screen can be broken and the LCD can be damaged, still! In this post, we will go through the signs and reasons for iPhone 6 screen replacement or repair. We also show how to deal with a screen problem.

Signs you need to replace your iPhone 6 screen

  1. A faulty screen with the appearance of colorful strips, but the glass is not broken. So, the possible reason is that the connector between the chip and the screen / LCD is broken.
  2. The screen seems to be darker than normal or turns to yellowish. You might want to check whether the Night Shift mode is on or not. If it’s not, simply turn it off. However, this sign might me a reason of physical impacts like you put your phone in the back pocket, then just sit or lean on the phone. This put a pressure on the LCD, causing this problem.
    • To turn off of adjust the Night Shift mode follow these steps below:
      • Setting > Display & Brightness > Night Shift > Turn off / Adjust the color temperature.
  3. Frozen screen or touch function does not work. The very first thing you can do is to recheck the battery charging cycles (using the Coconut app). An old battery with a high number of charging cycles can cause this problem. If so, you can try to replace the battery.
    • (Refer the post “Replace phone battery, when?” to know if it is a good time to have the iPhone 6 battery replaced).
    • A frozen screen or lost touch function can result from a software problem, then simply try to reset the phone.
    • If it does not work, probably there is a hardware problem. So, it will be more complicated to fix the screen with hardware problem.
    • Obviously, screen replacement can be one solution, but the high chance is that your phone needs to have the IC repaired.
    • Use the Coconut app to check your battery.
  4. A gray bar or unresponsive touch screen. Similar to the sign mentioned above, a gray bar appears across the top of the screen of iPhone 6, and the touch screen is unresponsive. If it is happening, you are probably experiencing the “touch disease” – a very common issue in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, especially when the phone is bent (Learn more about “touch disease”). A bent or twisted phone causes the teensy solder balls unstuck from the board. These balls are touch-screen controller chips, or Touch ICs, on the logic board / motherboard. In this case, you will need to have ICs repaired, not screen replaced. Apple also offers Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus. Follow the link below:
    • https://www.apple.com/support/iphone6plus-multitouch/
  5. Broken screen due to physical damage. Yes, there are tons of reasons that you break your iPhone 6 screen such as dropping the phone, dropping some heavy thing on it, sitting or leaning on your phone or even throwing it. Any physical impact leading to a broken glass, can cause a logic board problem as I mentioned above. However, the very first thing you could do is to have the screen or LCD replaced. Most of the cases can be solved by the screen replacement, and after that, we can identify whether there is a logic board problem.

You totally can do the iPhone 6 screen replacement by yourself if you are prepared with a correct tools and follow the instruction step-by-step.

Refer the process of iPhone 6 screen replacement in the link below. If it does not work after all trials, feel free to stop by your local phone repair store and let experienced technicians help you fix it.

Hope this blog helps you solve the screen problem you are having with your iPhone 6