The battery contributes to how well a smart phone performs. Technically people do not really realize that they need to have their phone battery replaced until its cycle runs out significantly. However, you probably want to replace change it if you notice the warning signs below:

1) Your phone shuts down randomly!

One day, when you are working on your phone and it just randomly shut down, then it happens more frequently. Yes! It’s probably the time for you to have the battery replace. An aging lithium ion battery might cause a random shut-down and affect how well your phone performs.

2) There are high number of charging cycles on your phone!

Of course, no battery will last forever. It will age and need to be replaced to make sure the phone operates properly.

Normally, a phone battery has about 300 to 500 charging cycles and if it is older than two years, it would reach the limit.

However, you might work on your phone often, then have it charged more than usual, you probably should not wait until the battery is more than two years old.


3) The battery level drops down rapidly.

There is no doubt that it is the time to change your phone battery if you notice a rapid drop down in the battery level. If the phone is out of battery after just few hours like 3 to 4 hours, the battery is not good enough for you keep using this.


4) A swollen battery

One day, you feel your phone is thicker than normal, you definitely want to check its battery. The swollen battery might damage or even explode your phone if you ignore this sign. It’s very dangerous for anyone using a phone with a swollen battery. Stop charging the phone and have the battery replaced as soon as you notice this.

These are 4 key warning signs for you to determine whether you want to change the battery for your phone or not. However, you might experience other issues caused by an aging battery such as unresponsiveness or charging slowly.  In this case, you can go the any cell phone repair store to have a technician help you identify the problem.

You do not have to upgrade to a newer and expensive phone if you do not want or need. Replace battery and have the phone work properly again.

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