One of the first questions you ask yourself when you drop your iPad and see the damage; is repairing the damage worth it?

Well, depending on the damage depends on the answer. From simple cracks to severe water damage, it all depends on what part of the iPad is broken and how detailed the repair will be. For the most part, repairing the iPad will cost far less than buying new or even used.

Common Causes Of iPad Damage

For the most part, iPads have become more durable as technology has been improved. Even so, it is still a delicate device that needs certain care when being handled. Some of the most common issues you can run into with iPads are if they are

  • Dropped
  • Crushed
  • Punctured
  • Burned
  • Overheated
  • Comes in contact with liquid

Damage to the screen is the most obvious, but other issues can result such as the screen not responding or glitching. In worse cases, the iPad stops responding all together.

Is Repairing Your iPad Worth It?

When trying to avoid damage, a good thing to invest in is a case made specifically for your iPad. Keeping it out of the kitchen is also a good idea. Though it may be difficult, letting the iPad charge while not in use is also recommended. Even with all the caution in the world, damage is sometimes unavoidable and no one is perfect.

iPad Screen Repair vs Replacement Cost

As it goes with most technology like phones and iPads, the replacement cost of a screen varies with each model. Many iPads can be repaired for around $60 to $80 dollars. This is MUCH cheaper than trying to get a replacement. A lot of repair shops will also offer their own warranties for you to purchase, as well as have the correct cases and screen protectors in stock and on hand to help prevent further damage.

The higher end iPads can get a little pricey for screen repair, running from $130 and up. Trying to get an average price on the newer models of iPads has become increasingly difficult due to the unique design and adhesive used by apple. Most of the time, it is much cheaper to replace than repair. Reach out to a few local repair shops and see for yourself before running out to buy new.

Consider The Severity Of Damage

If the screen is the only concern, then the majority of iPads can be repaired for much less than a replacement.

If you start to run into different, more complicated damages then it gets tricky. Water damage is always a large concern due to it completely frying components if it makes it deep into the device. Burning and overheating can have the same effect, though it’s usually very particular parts of an iPad that see this damage first if it’s overheating.

Crushing and puncturing is almost always fatal for any computer technology, so avoid impaling your iPad or running it over if possible. Either of these will most likely result in the need to replace.

Quick and Affordable iPad Repair In Keller, Texas

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