Finding a repair service for your device can take a bit of calling around. Some repair shops specialize in Samsung or iPhone. Others may deal specifically in laptops or tablets. Finding a reliable service for a Google Pixel may not be as easy as the other more popular brands. What you need to get your hands on is an all encompassing repair shop that makes it a point of pride to know how to repair all brands of phones and keeps the parts in stock.

Cracked Screen Repair

Having your phone cracked isn’t the end of the world, but it’s also not ideal. Many people keep a cracked but working screen for months before finally looking into getting the screen replaced. Understandably, avoiding the cost to replace a phone screen that still works is a hard thing to ignore. The problem with waiting to replace the screen is you invite a high chance of causing the damage to become worse.

Water damage is always a concern. If even a single drop manages to get into the crack and make its way down to the technology underneath, a cracked but working screen quickly becomes an unusable one. Dirt and grime of any form can also cause things to become unresponsive. Needing to replace more than just the glass can cost you far more than if you had bit the bullet and repaired it right away.

Fast And Affordable Screen Replacements For The Google Pixel

Before any screen repair service is given, a reputable repair shop will always verify with you about possible warranties. If you happen to have a warranty on your phone, the cost for Google Pixel screen repair can be cheaper, though there are stipulations in the warranties that you will need to double check. Always call and verify if you can get your screen replaced with the warranty first, then see if it would be cheaper to take it to a local repair business. It can be cheaper but often takes triple the time on return, especially if you have to mail the phone in.

Reliable repair shops can have your phone fixed and ready for pickup within 2 to 4 hours. Depending on the parts in stock, it could take a little longer, but it’s still a vastly shorter timeframe than mail in repairs with larger companies.

Cost To Repair Google Pixel Screen

Local Screen Repair For Google Pixel

All smart phones go by a simple rule of thumb on pricing for screen repair: The older the model, the cheaper the cost. The newer the model, the higher the cost. (Limited supply phones do run by their own rules, but for the most part this holds true)

Another factor is if it’s an XL versus a regular. A Pixel 6 and a Pixel 6 XL will have different pricing due to the different screens used.

  • Google Pixel 1 through 3a: $100 to $200
  • Google Pixel 4 through 5: $120 to $300
  • Google Pixel 5a to 6a: $150 to $350

Fast, Easy, Affordable Google Pixel Phone Repair

A phone is usually more than just a simple device; it is an integral part in both personal and business lives. Between keeping you on track for appointments, reminders for important events, and warning you of bad traffic on your way home a smart phone of any brand keeps you moving. At Oasis Savvy, we know how important these devices are to you. We are an award winning repair shop that offers same day repairs for all phone brands. Give us a call for an estimate on your phone repair with a price match guarantee.