When you are shopping around for iPhone screen repair it can be a confusing experience. The price range seems to jump around by hundreds of dollars. There are a few factors that most people are unaware of that greatly impact the price tag and can have some people seeing stars. 


The First Consideration – Warranty

The first thing to consider when looking to repair your iPhone screen is if you have a warranty in place with the manufacturer. Apple warranty does not cover “accidental damages” and will come with a fee depending on what the damage is classified as. AppleCare+ covers accidental damage and should only be subject to a service fee. Though, even with AppleCare+, they do limit this two times in a 12 month period.


  • Screen or back glass damage – $29 plus tax
  • Other accidental damage – $99 plus tax

If you do have these warranties in place, it might be best to contact Apple and get it replaced through them, though the price tag on such a warranty is usually a pretty penny. Many budget conscious owners forgo the extra expense. 


If you got your phone refurbished through a repair shop or online, they can also offer limited warranties for these products. Consult your paperwork and verify if you have active coverage.

The Cost of Repairing An iPhone Screen

The Second Consideration – Model of iPhone


For many different devices, the newest and most advanced models usually cost you the most. This also extends to repairing the screen of iPhones. The newest model can run you between $200 and $500 to repair the screen depending on how deep the damage goes.


If you have an iPhone that is a few generations back, the repairs can be minimal in cost. Somewhere as low as $80 to $200, depending on the stock available and if the phone model is a “Plus”. Some people have been using the same phone for so many years it may be more cost effective to turn it in and get a new or refurbished one. Most phones can move the data from one to the next, making upgrading your phone easier than ever. You keep your contact, pictures, data and walk away with an updated phone. 


The Third Consideration – Timeframe

Most people use their phone as support for their day to day lives. Keeping them on time, reminding them of appointments or simply to take out the trash is a valuable tool that a lot will have a hard time living without. The time the repair service has your phone may not necessarily affect the price you pay, but it can have a heavy impact on your life in general. Verifying they have the screen in stock for your iPhone before agreeing to their service has a huge impact on how long they will need to keep  your phone. Many services will take two to six hours to complete screen repairs as long as the needed parts are on hand. 

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