With the prices of every consumer’s product on the rise, many people have taken to doing as much as they can themselves instead of calling in a professional. With a broken shelf in the kitchen or even needing to replace a light fixture, you can find the guidance you need readily available online. For a lot of DIY projects and repairs, this is a cost effective approach for many daily needs. But how far can you take this when it comes to your smart devices and the number one repair people seek out: broken phone screens. 

The Pros

If you are looking to get rid of a few minimal scratches, you could probably find yourself a guide or two on how to cover them or fill them in. There are products out there that can render scratches invisible and are easy to use. 

Of course, DIY repairs of this manner will save you money. Many repair places have to set minimum fees on repairs no matter how much time they consume to cover the company’s bottom line. So if you find yourself with a screen that’s working just fine, but looks like you rubbed it on the sidewalk in some places, DIY could be the way to go.

Another factor you will have more control over is the downtime without access to your device. With a DIY repair, you take control of when and how long your phone will be out of commission.

The Pros And Cons Of DIY Screen Repair

The Cons

The number one downside of DIY screen repair is the lack of knowledge compared to a reliable technician. A lot of screen repairs happen to be much more in depth than you first realize. If your screen is spider cracked and acting up, it could go deeper than the top layer of glass and have damaged the inside mechanisms. You would go through the time and effort of fixing your screen just to find out that you will have to replace much more to get the job done correctly. 

Anything above some scratches on your screen and you start looking into how to do a full screen repair. This takes more tools than one might think. Between the kit you need for the delicate screws and wires and the necessary heat tools to sit the screen back in place correctly, the price tag for those more in depth repairs start to skyrocket. 

Parts for each type of phone vary. Your screen for a Samsung 8 cannot be used for a Samsung 9. Getting the correct parts from a reliable source is a constant battle in the repair business, and taking on this task yourself can be quite improbable. 

Professional And Affordable Phone Repair In Fort Worth

No matter what you decide, a good starting point is to at least take a phone in to have a technician take a look. They can give you the right starting point if you insist on DIY, or give you a better idea on if it’s even worth attempting yourself. A reputable phone repair company like Oasis Savvy will give you a quote up front and er stand by out assessment. Feel free to give us a call or feel free to stop in at our Fort Worth location. Our Customers come first, no matter what.