With the abundance of technology at our fingertips, we surround ourselves with amazing tools for both work and play. A tablet for the kids to use for educational games, or a laptop that holds your 20 page final for the night class you’re taking. No matter the reason, these devices are a trusted partner in our day to day lives. And though we try to handle them with care, you are going to be faced with a cracked screen from a fumble soon or later. Then the real condrundrom takes place, the choice of buying new or seeking out repairs. 

Most individuals don’t happen to have a few hundred, or thousand, dollars laying around to replace a broken device with a new one. That leaves us with the choice of repair. Now, you could be a versed electronic technician and know exactly what you need to fix that broken screen. Unfortunately, if you find yourself staring at an unknown adversary like a majority of people, a home repair may be out of the question. 

How Bad Could It Be?

If you are looking to get rid of a few minimal scratches, you could probably find yourself a guide or two on how to cover them or fill them in. You will still have to spend some money on the products, spend the time learning how and then attempting the repair. If you, like many others, just don’t have that technology “green thumb” then it may just be too much to take on yourself. 

Now if you are looking at spider cracks, things get a lot more complicated. The difficulty in the repair escalates quickly as you start to look at multiple fractures in the glass. Lets go over just a few of the tools needed on hand to begin the attempt: A phone opener tool to pry it apart, tweezers for both glass shard removal and to manage the small cables inside, a Torx screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver and a precision screwdriver kit. The monetary up front cost for, hopefully, a one time at home repair is already adding up and you haven’t even started. With a repair shop or service, they have all the tools already at hand.

Attempting A Home Repair From Cracks to Full Replacement

If it’s just a crack or two, you can begin attempting to bond the screen back together with very particular products, using the tools above and more. And as most technicians can tell you, these fixes are still short term at best. If it’s a full on replacement job, you will have to get something to melt the glue holding the broken screen in place, most likely a heat gun to get the appropriate temperature and application. You would be surprised at the skill level required to operate one effectively and carefully. You need to know what screen type to order, the dimensions of the screen, how to order it successfully, and for tablets and laptops there are a lot of connecting wires and components you will have to very delicately remove from the old screen and then reattach. 

Professional Phone Repair In Keller

All and all, screen repair and replacement isn’t as easy as one would think. The knowledge and tools required are a little more complicated than looking up a video and going right to it. Is at home repair possible? Yes, but the outcome is almost never as complete as when you find yourself a professional. And with all the technology out there, it has never been easier or cheaper to find yourself a safe, reliable repair service that best fits your needs. At Oasis Savvy, we work hard to get you the best price for your repair. We guarantee to provide high quality work that will satisfy even the most particular of customers. Our goal is not just fast, reliable, and safe repair work but a customer service experience that can’t be outdone. If you are happy, we are happy. If you succeed, we succeed. Please give us a call at 682-583-2527.