Samsung is one of the best brands on the market for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets. But no matter how much testing and time you put into a device, there are always going to be a few problems with the product. Some of these can luckily be fixed by a few changes to the owner’s behavior. Others are going to need a more knowledgeable touch. Let’s go over a few more common issues you run into with Samsung specifically. 

Battery Drain

The most common talked about problem people have with their phones is it not lasting as long as they want or need. If you find your battery life is getting shorter and shorter, first think of what you have added to the phone lately. That amazing new wallpaper you added that moves and changes? It actually drains your battery faster than you may think. Try switching it back out to a stagnant, though arguably less cool, wallpaper instead.

Samsung phones, like the S8+, have an option that automatically adjusts your brightness on the phone. You might notice this when you go from a darker room to a lighter, or turn your phone on for the first time in an unlit room. This system is used to help you see the best you can for the environment you are in, but unfortunately has a side effect that causes your phone battery to die quicker if left on the higher end of the brightness scale. The brighter you need your phone, the more power it pulls from the battery to accomplish this task. You can turn off this feature and manually adjust the brightness when needed and this should help extend your battery life. The dimmer it is, the longer it lasts. 

Samsung Common Phone Problems

A few other factors are common automatic features that make your life easier, but take a toll on your battery. Things like automatic updating for phone apps, Bluetooth connection search, WiFi connection search, and your screen timeout settings all play a factor. Try turning these features off and setting your phone timeout lower. If all of these things still don’t seem to work, you might need to switch out the battery for a new one. If you have also switched the battery out, the next step is to find a trustworthy repair shop to start diagnosing. They could also have good battery replacements on hand if a more personal touch is what you are looking for and for an affordable price.

My Phone Wont Power On or Respond

As much as we try to take care of our phones, sometimes they just decide today is the day. They stop responding to your commands, or touch, and you find yourself locked up. Samsung phones have a small tendency to become “frozen”. When this happens, try turning the phone completely off. Holding the power button should do the trick, even in this state. If worst comes to worst you might have to remove the battery from the phone itself. Unfortunately, for the past few years this has become almost impossible to do yourself. If you have an older model, you can quickly pop the back off and remove the battery no problem. But if you don’t see an easy way to accomplish this with your newer Samsungs, you are going to need to find yourself a reliable repair service. 

You might also run into the problem of the phone refusing to turn on. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the phone running out of battery faster than you expected. If not, your best option is to get it to your local, trustworthy repair shop and have a professional take a look. Sometimes it’s as simple as the battery refuses to hold charge and a quick swap out is all you need. But when a smartphone absolutely refuses to turn on, it’s time to call in backup. 


Last but certainly not least, Samsung phones can overheat. This being directly linked to the battery and especially older devices, overheating factors can usually be singled out pretty quickly. We advise keeping  your device within temperatures you would allow a kid to be in. Not below freezing and definitely not up in the 90s or 100s. Try to avoid having your phone in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, even when not in use. And the hardest one- Try not to use the phone while it’s charging. If you are doing these things and still notice your phone being toasty to the touch, it’s time to go find out what’s causing it before the heat affects the phone permanently. 

Now, you can either call your phone provider or Samsung directly, wait in line to talk to a representative and after far too much hassle maybe get a new phone. What is much more common is you end up needing to send your phone in through the mail and experience shows that’s far from a fast process. If you would like to skip all that and find yourself a reliable, safe, and affordable alternative, Oasis Savvy is waiting for you. With over six years of experience each in not only phone repair but other digital devices such as tablets or computers, the Lam brothers enthusiasm for all technology can’t be beat. We are available on the phone at 682-583-2527 as well as online through our support services, or stop in and talk to us face to face.