The iPhone is one of the most popular mainstream smartphone brands available on the market. They are considered by some to be pioneers in the smartphone industry, and their technology has definitely come a long way. With anything technology-related, however, there are always common problems. Iphones are not immune to these problems.

Since Apple released its first iPhone many years ago, they have sold over 1 billion iPhones. Not million, but billion. That is a lot no matter which phone brand you are looking at. Naturally, repairs for that phone are going to be quite common. That’s just another reason that Oasis Savvy is one of the best iPhone repair shops in Keller, thanks to our incredible Apple Certified technicians.

Cracked iPhone Screen

Across all phones (except for maybe Nokia and their seemingly indestructible phones), the cracked screen is one of the most common repairs. We carry our smartphones everywhere with us and although it’s probably not such a positive trait, we never go anywhere without them. With how important our smartphones are to us as a society, you’d think we would take immense safety and precautionary measures to protect them.

Not so much.

In fact, it’s estimated that at least 60% of all smartphone owners will experience a cracked screen, mostly from the iPhone being dropped. Some older models of iPhones are actually notorious for screens that easily crack and break. The good news is that some of the most recent iPhone releases have been some of the most durable phones to date.

Here Are Some Of The Most Common iPhone Repairs

iPhone Battery Replacements

If you’ve ever had just about any other phone, you wouldn’t think much of a battery replacement. In fact, you can pretty much go through the process in your head right now: buy a new battery, pop off the back of the phone, take out the old battery and put in the new battery. All done.

iPhones, however, aren’t so simple. It’ll take a lot more work if you want to do a battery replacement yourself, and you could end up with accidental damage to your phone. This is because iPhones are not made to have easy access to the internal components (don’t ask us why, it’s just the way it is).

Unless you are a smartphone technician yourself, the safest thing to do is have your iPhone battery replaced by professionals at an iPhone repair store. This will also maintain your warranty, if you have one. If you tried to use a claim with your warranty and Apple finds out that you dug into your phone on your own for a battery replacement, this will likely void your warranty.

Inoperable “Home” Button

The home button, the circular one in the bottom middle, is probably the button on the phone that receives the most abuse. You use it a lot, and over time that will wear the button down. Eventually, the button will have spotty functionality or just completely stop working. This will prompt the need for a repair, or even a replacement.

Damaged Charging Port

Since we use our iPhones a lot, that means the battery gets drained a lot more often. This causes the need to charge our phones daily, sometimes even twice daily for iPhones that see some heavy use. Charging ports and cables can wear down over time. This is especially true if you use any type of aftermarket charging cables, which can also cause damage to your iPhone.

Water Damage In iPhones

Water damage is another fairly common type of damage to an iPhone. This goes beyond just dropping your phone into the toi-…the sink full of water. For example, you should never have your phone in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower. The steam created from a hot shower drastically increases the humidity in the bathroom, which can cause moisture to get inside of a phone.

The Best iPhone Repairs By Experienced Technicians

Did you drop your iPhone and now you have a cracked screen? iPhone not working right and you just want it to go back to normal? Bring it by Oasis Savvy in Keller, Texas, for the highest quality and fastest iPhone repairs around. Almost every repair we do is completed the same day so you can get back to using your favorite mobile device.