You hate that sound, even if you aren’t the victim of it. The loud smack of a smartphone on the hard ground and the followup gasp of horror. Sometimes you get lucky, and you don’t see any damage. Other times you see cracks in the screen or in the housing of the smartphone.

But what about potential damage that you don’t see?

Just like cars, manufacturers of smartphones strive to develop products that have the ability to absorb impacts. If a smartphone doesn’t have any ability to absorb the impact from being dropped and hitting the ground, that phone is likely to break almost immediately. There aren’t any manufacturers that are perfect, and damage is always a potential risk.

Risk For Internal Damage

Let’s go over the behind-the-scenes damage first. The smartphone’s housing, also known as the casing, is the main defense for internal components. Those internal components, the hardware, have very little protection built-in, if any at all. Those components absolutely rely on the phone casing for protection in the event of being dropped.

The more you are prone to dropping your phone or banging it against surfaces, the more likely the internal components will sustain damage. This is why the glass phone screen is usually the first thing you see becoming damaged when dropping your phone. The screen is much cheaper to replace than internal components, and that screen is absorbing most of the impact from the drop.

What Happens To Your Smartphone When You Drop It

Risk For External Damage

Now onto the external from dropping your phone. We’ve gone over how the casing and the screen act as a first line of defense. However, just because these external components are designed to absorb the impact doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repair them. Keeping your smartphone casing and screen in good condition to continue optimal protection for internal components.

Of course, the best way to prevent damage to your smartphone is to not drop it.

What If I Drop My Phone In Water?

If you dropped your phone into water, it’s time to act fast. The longer your phone is in the water, the more likely it is to sustain critical damage. Water doesn’t instantly fill the inside of your smartphone, so the faster you can get your smartphone out of the water the better.

Now it’s time to dry it. Don’t fall for the internet myth about throwing your smartphone in a bowl of rice. The most efficient method is a good old-fashioned air dry. Use these steps if you’ve dropped your phone in water:

  1. Take it out of the water ASAP
  2. Turn the phone off so all of the electronics are off
  3. If able, take out components like the SIM card and battery. This promotes a lot of air flow inside of the phone
  4. Lay your phone, SIM card, and battery on some paper towels and then cover with paper towels
  5. Now you wait. Give it a few hours, at minimum, to give it the most time to dry out

Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Phone From Being Dropped

Other than just not dropping your phone, there are some preventative measures you can take to protect your phone. As technology has advanced, smartphones have become more and more water resistant. If you have a model that is much older, you might look at upgrading.

At Oasis Savvy, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have a high quality phone case. The cheap, flashy cases that “look cool” don’t really offer a lot of protection. Rather, they offer an illusion of protection by calling it a protective case. Invest in a high quality case that will actually protect your phone.

Smartphone Repair In Keller, Texas

If your smartphone has sustained damage from being dropped in Keller, bring it to Oasis Savvy. Our experienced technicians will quickly diagnose any and all issues with the phone and provide you with fast, professional repairs. Almost all of our repairs can be completed the same day, too.