There are a lot of areas out there that simply don’t have a good repair shop nearby. You might live out in the sticks, or right smack dab in the middle of a city. Either way, finding yourself a good repair service for your smartphone isn’t always easy.

There are a few factors you can look for when you find yourself in need of a reliable repair shop that does mail ins. It’s a scary prospect to send someone a device you spent a lot of your hard earned paycheck on. Especially something that holds your personal information.

Mail in Repair for your Smartphone

No Fix, No Fee

A lot of repair companies will charge you for just looking at your phone, none the less making an attempt at a fix. What you will find with the more reliable and trustworthy companies is that they will have you send in the device with an open disclaimer of “If we can’t fix it, we don’t charge you” and you’re only out the shipping. This should be right out in the open for you to see either on their website or one of the first things they discuss when you call in for a quote.


Reputable repair businesses will always want a paper trail, for both their own safety and their customers. It could be in the guise of a detailed email or a PDF with a signature of a repair form you filled out (Or that they send you after discussing your device). When working through the mail and online for repairs, having everything written down and agreed to is the safest practice for everyone involved.

The Conversation

I would always advise personally calling a cell phone repair service and speaking to a technician before sending your phone anywhere. It’s pretty easy to tell if someone knows what they are talking about when you call in and ask questions. If they seem unwilling (And not just due to a high customer volume at that moment) to discuss or can’t even give you some suggestions on what might be the cause of the issue, then they may not have the experience you need. Now, when it comes to repairs it’s always hard to troubleshoot internal problems without having the device in front of them, but any technical mind will start flipping through possibilities automatically when presented with a problem on the phone. A cracked screen is pretty obvious, but why your phone keeps glitching out or restarting usually needs a more hands on approach.


Phone repair services need great communication when it comes to mail ins. They should offer quotes up front, confirmations upon arrival of the device as well as updates to anything that may come up while attempting a repair BEFORE it costs you anything extra (If it costs anything at all). The more open a repair service is with its customers, the more they feel secure and know they are in control.

Secure Procedures for your Personal Information

Last but certainly not least, your personal security. Repair services take this extremely seriously for their customers, as they should. Your phone is an extension of you as a person and contains a lot of sensitive, important information. No matter who you go to for repairs, you should feel secure in the knowledge that nothing will be taken or used from your device. Always ask what measures are in place to keep your personal data safe while repairs are being done.

You could be looking for a cracked screen fix or a more complicated internal repair for your smartphone. Either way, Oasis Savvy is here to help. Mail in repairs are nothing new to our skilled technicians. Feel free to take a look at our services at If you don’t see the repair listed, please feel free to give us a call at (682) 583-2527. Established in 2011, we are prepared to help our customers get back their phone as quickly as possible with little hassle.