You spent a lot of money for your iPhone so of course you want it to have the longest life possible. To do this you should avoid letting your iPhone get too cold. An iPhone that gets too cold can present a variety of issues such as a battery draining quickly, the screen becoming unresponsive or the device freezing, functioning poorly or not at all, and even shutting down completely. A cold iPhone isn’t good news, so take action and protect your device any time you are in an area where cold air might take a toll on your phone.

Dangers Of A Cold iPhone

Using an iPhone in cold temperatures does not come without risk. One of the most significant risks is that the phone’s battery will drain more quickly, which can cause the device to shut down unexpectedly. An iPhone left allowed to get too cold for too long will eventually function poorly or not at all, with the screen becoming unresponsive or the device freezing.

Damage from impacts or drops is also a danger, as the materials used in the device may become more brittle when in cold weather. Low temperatures can cause your device to contract, which damages the internal components and affects the device’s overall performance. It’s better to just avoid cold settings unless you are confident that your phone has a safe, somewhat warm place to be kept while you enjoy outdoor activities.

Steps To Take If Your iPhone Gets Too Cold

It’s important to take steps to protect your iPhone from cold temperatures if you want it to last as long as possible and avoid having to pay any repair fees if it gets left in the cold. However, sometimes the situation simply can’t be avoided and rather than just assuming that your phone is done for, take these steps to encourage your phone to return to working order:

  • Bring the iPhone indoors and let it warm up slowly
  • Leave the device off until it is back to a normal room temperature
  • Do not attempt to use the phone until it has returned to a normal temperature
  • Check for any visible damage and pay attention to how the phone functions
  • Bring the device to a local repair shop if you have any doubts or concerns

A cold iPhone can almost always be restored, but it is important that you act quickly once you realize the damage has set in. If left in cold temperatures for too long, you’ll likely be looking at the cost of a new phone, rather than just the cost of taking it to a repair shop.

How To Prevent Your iPhone From Getting Too Cold

Protecting your investment and committing to leaving your phone behind when you hit the ski slopes, snow trails or other outdoors places, especially where temps are far lower than what is comfortable, is the easiest way to prevent your iPhone from getting too cold. Of course, if the weather is poor your phone can even get too cold simply sitting in your car! Opt instead to keep your device in a warm, dry place where you won’t lose it or have to leave it outside.

Repair Options For A Cold iPhone

If you’re stuck with a phone that is acting up and you’ve tried all the tricks to get it to return to normal, taking it to a repair shop is the best bet to get your phone back to working properly. At Oasis Savvy in Fort Worth, our professional team will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose any issues you are experiencing with your phone and have a solution for you in no time at all. Next time you don’t know what to do with a device that was left in the cold, call us at 682-583-2527 to see how our experts can get your device back to perfect condition!