When you drop your iPad for the first time your heart stops. If you respond like I do, the eyes close and you take a deep breath before flipping that bad boy over to see exactly how bad the damage is.

If you’re lucky, or listened to that voice in your head that told you to spend a little extra on a well designed case, when you flip your iPad back over there won’t be a scratch. But sometimes a scratch or crack isn’t the only thing that can happen when your iPad makes that fateful tumble.

If you find yourself noticing lines down the screen, black spots popping up or even your screen flickering, you may have damaged what is called the LCD that lives behind the glass.

Lines, Black Spots, and Screen Flicker on Your iPad

LCD- What Is It

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a visual component that displays images on the screen and works with an integrated digitizer component that allows touch screen functions. Even if you find your glass intact, the impact could have dislodged or damaged the items underneath.

How Can I Tell If Its The LCD

As stated above, the most common indications that your LCD has been damaged are Lines on the screen, black spots showing up, and flickering of the images. You may also see distortion in color or a shaky screen, even when it’s stationary. Another key indicator is you notice the touch screen isn’t responding as it should, or at all. The LCD works closely with the digitizer for touch and therefore may not be reading it correctly when damaged.

If your screen is fully black, a good way to know if it’s turning on at all is to make sure your device is charged, turn the sound all the way up, and then turn the device off and on again. The start up noises will still come through, even if your screen stays dormant. Unfortunately, if you have this feature turned off, it makes this quick check impossible.

So we have some good news and some bad news when it comes to LCD damage. The good news is it is possible to replace the LCD with your trusted local LCD repair shop. The process is usually done within a few hours and there is no fear of losing your iPad data in the process. And while they have it, your technician will run the iPad through the ringer to make sure that no other nasty surprises are waiting.

The bad news is that there is no “Repair” for an LCD. Once the deed is done, LCDs must be replaced. This may cause a small increase in the charge for replacement, because a lot of the income for most repair places come from refurbishing parts.

iPad LCD Repairs in Keller, TX

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