When you first think of phones, the obvious choices that come to mind are Samsung and Apple. But the quieter relative of the two is LG, a company that mainly works with computer monitors and TV screens but has thrown out some pretty good smart phones in its time.

Unfortunately, it looks like LG has closed its smartphone doors and will no longer be making them after 2021, but that does not stop the phones already out in the world from working wonderfully.

LG Phone Common Problems and Repairs

The truth is, no matter how much troubleshooting a company does, there is still going to be a defective part or two with the product. This holds true for all the major names out there as well as the LG phones we have. Let’s look at some of the common issues you will see with the LG phones on the market.

  • Bootloop – There have been a few reports that the LG phones get stuck in what we refer to as a “Bootloop”, or constantly restarting. This is by far the harshest of the issues you will find with the LG phone.
    • To attempt a fix, you can Press and hold the Power and Volume down at the same time for approximately 30 seconds. This will hard shut off the device. Remove the battery and wait five minutes before replacing it and starting the device again.
    • Removing the SD card at the same time as attempting the above could also have an effect.
      • If this does not stop the bootloop, you may want to see a repair specialist before factory resetting. They will be able to tell you exactly what you can do to fix this issue, or if a replacement phone is needed.
  • Backlight Bleed and Bloom – Backlight bleed is when the bright patches at the edge of the screen become way brighter than needed or wanted. The bloom comes into play when you press on the display, it distorts the picture or “Blooms”.
    • There is a backlight bleed test app you can acquire if you think this is happening with your LG device. You can find it in your store.
    • There are videos out there that suggest you can “Tinker” with your LG phone and possibly fix this issue. Any repair technician would advise against this, seeing as it will most likely lead to permanent damage to the phone beyond the bleed if you don’t know what you’re doing or have the tools on hand needed.
      • There are a lot of repair stores that will be able to tell you that the bleed or bloom is the problem right away without any cost and then walk you through what you can do to fix or replace. Never hurts to try.
  • No Application Drawer – One of the more confusing problems with the LG phone is that it does not come with a default Application drawer. Luckily, there are workarounds
    • Set your phone to EasyHome by going to Settings, Display, Home Screen, and then Select Home. You should see the option for Easy Home. It will make your interface a little bigger, but gives you back your app drawer.
    • You could install a third party launcher quick and easy, such as Google Now Launcher or Nova Launcher. Feel free to browse the android launchers in the Play Store and find the one that works best for you.
    • Find the LG SmartWord app and look for the LG Home 4.0 update. Once this is installed, you should have your app drawer back.
      • If you are not sure what would work best for you, talking to a local phone expert will go a long way. Usually, when it comes to fixes like this it’s a very quick process and the technician will walk you through it right there on the spot. Many times at no cost to you, and also let you know what you should do if you see any of the other problems arise with the LG phone.

The problem could be a small question you have about your phone or a little more complicated like the Bootloop. Either way, you can come to Oasis Savvy and we will help you in any way we can. LG phones are no stranger to our technicians and repairs can be done quickly and sometimes even on the spot.

LG Phone Repair Near You in Keller, TX

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