Everyone has their own personal financial situation, and when there is something wrong with the cell phone there is a pressing question: should I repair my phone, or just replace it? This can be a small or big financial decision. There are many factors to consider, including your current situation and needs.

In 2022, the smartphone is arguably the most important piece of technology involved in our everyday lives. When it breaks or isn’t functioning properly, it can go far beyond not being able to access your social media. Let’s look at how to decide if you should repair or replace your phone.

Cost To Repair vs. Cost to Replace

When thinking about repairing or replacing a phone, the #1 factor is the cost. Let’s face it: if you just can’t afford to buy a new phone, then you aren’t able to. The only option may be to accrue debt and that’s not something most people want to get.

Understanding your personal financial situation is important. In most cases, if the cell phone’s repair is significantly less than the cost of replacing the phone then going with the repair is the smarter choice. Common phone repairs are going to range from $99 to $300. Considering that most new cell phones are coming with $800 or more price tags, repair is usually a good option.

How Old Is The Phone?

Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace A Phone In 2022?

In our technological era, software and cell phone technologies are moving faster than most can keep up. Think about it: wasn’t 4G LTE the latest breakthrough in data connections for mobile devices? 4G LTE networks were slowly becoming mainstream in 2010, which was only 12 years ago. It took time to roll out, but a lot of other applications gained a lot of momentum thanks to the network upgrade. In fact, Uber didn’t become so widespread until around 2013.

Here we are in 2022 with 5G being the new innovative, breakthrough technology that is supposed to change the technological world. If your phone is three or more years old, then you may want to consider replacing your phone instead of repairing it. As a phone ages, software incompatibilities have a tendency to increase.

Older phones will also tend to have more repairs. Eventually, a concept called diminishing returns will set in. Your cell phone can only receive so many repairs before a repair just won’t cut it anymore. 

Upgrade Eligibility?

If your cell phone is just on its last bit of life and you absolutely have to replace it, consider your upgrade possibilities. All major phone carriers have their own upgrade programs. Of course, the older your phone is the less that you’ll get on the trade-in value. That’s one of the ways they get people to upgrade their phones every few years.

Even slightly damaged phones that were manufactured in the past couple of years can still have a decent trade-in value. Depending on the type of phone, you can even expect to get upwards of $600 for your phone. With that in mind, let’s look at a quick scenario:

Let’s say your phone is in need of a repair that is going to cost you $250 minimum for a professional fix. That same phone is also eligible for a $350 trade-in value, and you could upgrade to a phone that cost a total of $800. In this scenario, you could end up paying only $250 more for a completely new, modern cell phone.

Phone Repair In Keller, Texas

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